Governance of Responsible Beauty Initiative

Responsible Beauty Initiative operates a membership committee, consisting of a representative from each member. The Membership Committee meets monthly to discuss new member applications and work on future actions for Responsible Beauty Initiative. Meetings are facilitated by EcoVadis, a third party sustainability rating platform, to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and anti-trust guidelines are met.


Responsible Beauty Initiative is open to members of the beauty industry (brands, suppliers and suppliers of cosmetic finished goods) as long as they meet certain entry requirements and share the vision and mission of the initiative.

Membership Principles and Requirements:

– The initiative operates in accordance with industry codes of practice, anti-trust law, and applicable laws and regulations

– The member company must engage on CSR principles and strive for continuous improvements in their supply chain

– The member company must be an existing client of EcoVadis, as the initiative uses a shared online platform powered by EcoVadis.

– The member company must complete an EcoVadis evaluation for at least one of their sites and achieve a minimum score of 60.

Please contact us if you wish to join or find out more information.

Anti-trust statement

The members represent that they are aware of anti-trust regulations pursuant which competitors DO NOT share some information / documentation.
Then the members shall not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members, any applicable competition law. Notably, members shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, such as non-public information relating to prices, marketing and advertising strategy, costs and revenues, customers, territories, trading terms and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programmes or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussions in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during and after meetings.